Kingston Ink Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic are pleased to announce we are the first clinic in Hampshire to offer the new R2O Laser Tattoo Removal Technique!

The R20 tattoo removal method is simply a quicker method of removing tattoos using a q switched laser. The same process of using a q switched laser applies, with a single difference.

That difference is quick repetition. Typically what happened in the past when you went to a tattoo removal clinic to have your tattoo removed by laser treatment the process was quite long and tedious.

Your tattoo got “zapped” by the laser and you were then told to go home and come back after 4-8 weeks to let it heal and let your natural defences dispose of some of the broken down ink particles. This meant that the removal of a stubborn tattoo can take as long as 1 year +


Q: Is the R20 a new laser?

A: No. The R20 is a method used. It is simply just a new technique. It is not a new laser!

Q: Is the new R20 method safe?

A: So far, the final results have been encouraging. In the initial study by Dr. Kassida, the new technique was used on 18 tattoos of 12 patients. Most tattoos were black amateur tattoos, not professional. As with anything new, it takes a while before the short comings and problems are recognised.

Q: How many passes can be done over the tattoo?

A: In the original study by Dr. Kassida, there were 4 passes made over the tattoo. With 4 passes there was more damage to the epidermis (temporary swelling, bruising, redness, blistering etc.) this is a perfectly normal reaction for the skin to have but can be more severe than what you could expect using the conventional method. We monitor immediate skin reaction closely during and after each pass. How many passes in one session is based upon what kind of reaction we see. If we feel that just 3 passes are viable, due to a continued observation of your skin and we decide 3 passes is enough then please accept our professional opinion.

Q: I have colours in my tattoo. Can the R20 method still be used?

A: Colours in a tattoo can make the process a little more difficult, no matter which methods are used we always urge our clients to be aware that it can take longer for removal of coloured tattoos.

Q: Does it hurt more with each laser pass over the tattoo?

A: No. Most clients suggest that the sensation is the same or even less with each pass.

Q: What is the cost?

A: You will be charged the same price for each pass, the same price as you would for a single pass. This is due to the fact that for every single pass, the lasers costly internal and external consumable parts, like crystals, flash bulb lamps, precious gems such as garnets and lenses will have been greatly deteriorated, so extra passes unfortunately will need to be paid for.

Please feel free to book a free consultation to see if the R20 method is right for you.

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